Nutritional supplements

We offer nutritional supplements from the US company Mannatech Inc. We have 8 years of experience with the Mannatech products and sincerely recommend this excellent brand.

Nutritional supplements are recommended as a complement to a healthy and varied diet. Many of us are not consuming enough essential nutrients. We live in a toxic environment and furthermore, we are living a stressful life.

Modern studies of food and nutrients have created a new understanding of the body’s nutritional needs and it’s uptake of nutrients.

Mannatech Inc. is a pioneer in the understanding of glyconutrients and owns many patents in the creation of nutritional supplements with polysaccharides (glyconutrients). These are important for the cell-to-cell communication.

The Mannatech products are of excellent quality, manufactured in adherence to the Good Manufacturing Practices and are NSF certified. The nutrients are made of real food and are not synthetic.

Mannatech has a wide variety of products for children and adults, athletes and other special needs.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about the products or click the link below to reach a webpage with all the product information.

The products are available at our office, or contact us for an order.


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