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Foot Reflexology
60 minutes • $65

A one hour session, where all parts of both feet are worked through with a gentle pressure and motion, which activates and balances the reflexes connected to the various parts of the body. This is a very safe and comfortable session; the work is adjusted to the comfort level of the client. The only equipment used are the hands of the Reflexologist and light gloves are used.

After each Reflexology session, you may choose to have a light baby oil with essential aromas applied to your feet, which is included in the session. Weledas’ Calendula Baby oil is used, together with the essential aromas of a customized choice. Please make us aware of any allergies, since the plant based aromas may be contra-indicative.

Gentle Reflexology
60 minutes • $65 or 30 minutes $35

Gentle Reflexology is recommended when recovering from illness and for individuals with a sensitive constitution, who are susceptible to an overwhelming physical response when receiving therapeutic bodywork. Also beneficial when going through a time of emotional pressure, stress or grief. This is a session with small strokes and motion on all reflex areas, the pressure is either very light or none at all. The session can also be done in 30 minutes.

Add Auriculo therapy with reflexology
10 minutes • $10

Reflexology is most commonly applied to feet, hands, outer ears or face. Auriculo therapy is another name for ear reflexology. Adding auriculo therapy during a reflexology session will further maximize the balancing effect of the work on the feet. Here a few auricular seeds will be used, which are placed, fixed to a plaster, on the specific reflexes of the outer ear and will then be completely removed when the session is finished. Auriculo therapy will add approx. 10 minutes to the reflexology session and add a cost of $10.

Metamorphic technique/Metamorphosis
60 minutes • $65

Metamorphosis time is a wonderful gift to yourself during stressful times or when coping with major/minor life changes. Invokes a soothing balance with no expectations of achieving results. The session aids in finding inner peace and is somewhat similar to the Mindfullness meditation technique. This session also helps winding down the mindset, for both children and adults. Session time can be customized; the standard time is 1 hour.

This is a gentle and simple touch technique related to and developed from reflexology. It is applied with a very light touch to the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and back of the head. The spinal reflexes are connected to the most primitive physical systems in the body. After the session many have experienced a sense of clarity of mind and a more balanced outlook, thus a Metamorphosis has occurred.

Metamorphic technique is not a therapy or a treatment per se, and the practitioner takes a non-interfering position. The time may be spent talking or in complete silence, which is determined by the Client.
The touch is very safe, even during pregnancy or illness. There is no need to declare conditions or diagnoses, unless there is a risk of infection or contagious disease. However the consent form must be signed.

The Metamorphosis/Metamorphic technique here used was developed by Gaston Saint-Pierre in Europe. For more info. please check this website:

Aromatherapy session, customized
30 minutes • $30

Take a lunch break with a Customized Aromatherapy Session. Relax in solitude for a while, with or without music. With the use of carrier oils, the aromas are customized with your specific choice for this session. Need a pick-me-up? Or a calm-comforting blend? The blend of essential oils is placed on targeted Reflex areas of the feet, hands and face. Add some reflexology with auricular therapy: placement of 2 auricular seeds on the outer ear,which are removed at the end of session. This may be included within price of the 30 minute session.

Please make us aware of any allergies, since the plant based aromas may be contra-indicative.



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For any questions, please call, 919.452.8299, or send a message.

Payment is due at appointment, please pay with cash, check, or credit card. Make checks payable to 3D Reflexology Point LLC.



Contra indicative for taking reflexology are the following current health conditions (If you are unsure, please ask): blood clots, infections, congestive heart failure, contagious diseases, pitted edema, open wounds/ulcers, varicose veins.



All foot reflexology sessions are performed with hygienic measures in mind and the work is done with light gloves on the reflexologists hands. Wash your feet as you normally would do, it is not needed before session. However, please do not use any cream or moisturizer on the feet before the session. 




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Reflexology does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.